My First Day at Upskill Network by Angel Vitalis

I am Angel Vitalis. Accounting [under]graduate, Accounting Intern and content writer. Yeah, the pleasure is mine. I have been granted the golden opportunity to work with Upskill Network and it is something I plan to maximize. Today being 2nd November 2020 is my first day at Upskill and you are about to join me on a journey of how my first day at Upskill went. My day was quite long. I would blame it on the ecosystem. Guess we have longer days and shorter nights this period.
Earlier, I had no expectations in mind. I had decided to be openminded about everything and the day went quite smoothly, Ranging from career to business to family to tech, series of conversations flowed. I learnt the basics of upskill, vision, mission and all that it entails; which I can say every layer is indeed fascinating. We had a meeting slated with the SA to Imo state governor on media and it was fascinating as I got to use free WiFi and cool off some heat. Actually, our meeting was brief, concise and fruitful as opposed to the series of interviews we had to undergo with the security men at every stop in the government house [I guess everyone na chairman for him own office]. So, we got a snapshot with her and YEAH, Philips made me take pictures I wasn’t prepared for.


I must say one thing that struck me there is the inclusiveness. Like today is my first day and you made me join in a meeting with a government official? I like to be actively involved, I believe in teamwork and that was proved to me in a day not with words but action.
Back at the office, the conversation just flowed and ideas were popping, I could feel the passion and zeal, it was palpable. My day ended with Upskill by 6.30 pm as I had to fly to my domain. I guess in other days to come Upskill would be mobile with me.
Indeed, my first day at Upskill would be termed INTERESTING. We physically juggled and it made me look at it as a rollercoaster ride which I guess am buckled up for whatever comes. I have expectations. I have goals and I feel this is a medium where untapped potential is uncovered and you are stretched beyond the normal status quo. Building network, adding value, being the change, problem solving are my driving values and Upskill is now a part of my journey. Accounting and technology is an oil well and we are ready to dig grabbing all that comes with it and for it. So Fintech it is.
I am delighted to be sharing this story because I am certain I would look back at it on a blessed day and LAUGH, Maybe a motivational speech would come after the laugh.



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