Upskill Network is a top-notch learning community that provides trending digital skills training, job outsourcing, and consultancy for both individuals and businesses in  Nigeria’s business space.

Our goal is to make quality digital training skills services easily accessible in Nigeria through our Network.

Given the recent development in the Global Labour Market due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, resulting in a massive loss of jobs, businesses shorting down, etc., it is no more news that the future of work is in digital skills (i.e skills that makes one an expert in using information technologies and the internet to carry out day to day business, social, political, as well as personal activities). Unfortunately, our massive youth population is yet to tap into this new reality

And that is why we are here!

Hi, I am Ruth Ejims, a tech enthusiast with Upskill Network.

I am going to be your guide on this platform, providing you with everything you need to know in the tech ecosystem, career, available opportunities, in-demand skills and more.

I promise it’s going to be hot, captivating, educative and fun!

I will be publishing contents every two weeks. Please engage effectively.

Also, feel free to ask questions and if you have any area of interest you’ll like us to blog about or explore in our next publication or you have relevant information you’ll like to share with us, please leave a message in the comment box.



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