Before shouting where?!

Just give few seconds and I will prove it to you.

There was a cliche that went- “Technology is making the world a global village”.

Phew! I heard this all through high school many  years ago, but a fast track to 2020 and you will see that the world is now a global village.

Technology has removed the distance between countries- with the internet at our mercy, miles have crumbled into a click of a sent message- I’m talking about the social media- WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and hundred others.

We can now do business-cyber-space-time-travel in micro-mini seconds with the aid of our gadgets. I’m loving this!

There are jobs quite everywhere right-under-your-noses! The advent and evolvement of technology has made job hunting and acquisition easy.

But not every one can get these jobs that are every where and that’s right where the problem lies.


You need a digital skill…

We live in a digital world, almost everything can be done online from buying to selling, to employment and learning new skills- thanks to the internet.

What I am saying is that only those who are digitally inclined can get employed with these numerous job opportunities. This simply means that to have those numerous job offers you need to acquire the relevant digital skills.

Digital skills are skills make you tech-savvy.

I’m not talking about jobs like Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants… Nah! Those platforms are filled to the brim.

Now, what kinds of jobs am I taking about? Well, tech-related ones. Hey! before you tune off, here me out. I’m guessing at the mention of tech- you went – not again!

Tech is quite simple to understand. I mean the ” how” of using technology is not a herculean task okay?  We are in the 21st century and almost everything is digital- phones, tabs, Siri, Cars.

This means you have to level up your game because the number of demands for tech-related jobs are rising daily.

Leveling up means acquiring and mastering the necessary digital skills to increase the number of job offers at your finger tips.

The future is now!

The future of work/job is in digital skills. In order not to miss out you need to upskill too.

Global trends of job hiring in technology are narrowed down to these main streams:

  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Development
  • SEO/SEM Marketing
  • Data Visualization
  • Content Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Cyber-security
  • Cloud Computing/AWS
  • Blockchain
  • Copywriting

Amazingly, these are some the major skills taught at Upskill Network.

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There you have it guys! This is what I have for today.

I want to hear from you.

What do you think about the future of Work?

Have you acquired any digital skill yet?

If not, why not register for a class.

Trust me it is easy and fun!

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