Digital Skills: The Future Of Work

It’s no surprise that digital skills are fast becoming vital in all workplaces and the creation of new jobs has made the demand for digital skills so important because recruiters now hire on the basis of your wider skill set and broader experience.


As the world is evolving digitally, the need to acquire digital skills is also fast increasing. It is not just those who work in IT that require digital skills, it is expanding into all areas of our lives because digital skill expertise is not just for the young, but for those who are advance in age. To be recruited into a new job sector or to get a better job in their current one, having digital skills is very vital, you just have to develop yourself.


What Are Digital Skills?

Digital skills can be defined as those abilities that use electronic devices and the internet connection to access and manage data. The idea of this is to increase the effectiveness in the workspace and help build stronger work productivity ranging from the ability to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage data, create and share digital content, and collaborate.

Which Job Requires Digital Skills?

It can be said that all jobs require some level of digital skills. Be it Marketing, customer service, retail, managing, writing and selling, Website development, Graphic design, name it, they require digital skills. The digital skill industry is one industry that is booming really fast today and this is not changing anytime soon.


What Digital Skill Do I Need For A Modern Workplace?

Coding is not the only must-have digital skill because it’s not everyone that knows how to code, as there are other digital skills. 

1. Content Marketing & Digital Design Skills  

The way we present information today be it internally and externally is incredibly valuable. No matter your role in an organization, creative content and design skills is an area that you may want to develop because employees are often expected to engage all variations of stakeholders, not only customers, through content.


You may need to exercise these skills in different ways, for instance in writing and sharing an e-newsletter, communicating a report, writing up an event, or presenting documents to clients.


2. Data Management

All job roles can benefit from having an understanding of data management because it changes the way people and organizations work across the world. As an employee, you need to have knowledge on how to collect and store data properly and much of marketing requires the collection of information. It is not only important to be able to securely collect and store data but this data often needs to be analyzed, presented, and communicated to other teams or management.

Knowing the necessary tools, systems, and applications used to analyze and present the data collected from marketing efforts are highly desired by businesses in 2020 because improper handling and storage of data can lead to data loss and that is very costly for the business.


3. Cyber & Mobile Device Security 

Since the communications we send and data received are now being stored online, it is important to care for the safety and security of both the systems and the data.

Having an understanding of how cybersecurity and mobile device security works are highly desirable because it shows you have the company’s interest at heart. understanding how to send documents securely, being vigilant with unknown email addresses, understanding the necessity and use of MFA (Multi-factor authentication) or 2FA (two-factor authentication), and recognizing the distinction between human and machine behavior is valuable.

 Workplace Platforms Know-how

Knowing and understanding how to use workplace operative platforms is highly valuable because almost all operations are done exclusively digital and it’s collaborative.

Only 52% of individuals can access and use collaborative workplace platforms (Skype, google docs & Dropbox) to share and meet with teams. This includes knowing how to save the information and how to access and share it. Communications, be it written or verbal are done online, for example, Documents are now being shared via Google Drive or on Drive, virtual meetings are done via Zoom.

Knowing how to use workplace platforms is essential because it makes you valuable and connected to members of the team.

From knowing how to communicate and collaborate effectively, to knowing how to manage data and creatively share the same with teams, customers, and stakeholders. Digital skills and digital skills training is both the now and future of the workforce.  Not only learning or developing these skills but also deploying them in the various career field as well. 

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